Hayestone Brady Business Park


The Stephens County Development Authority purchased 425 acres from four local families in 1997 to create the Hayestone Brady Business Park. The SCDA and local leaders secured $10 million in federal funding in 2005 to fund infrastructure improvements and a public-private partnership with the Rooker Corp. added a $3 million spec building to the site in 2007. About 100 acres remain available for development. Phase 2 is an expansion of Hayestone Brady will add approximately 76 acres of usable space to the northwest corner of the existing park.

Spec Buildings Offer Advantages Spec

Speculative buildings are built in anticipation of growth. Based on strategic planning, a speculative building is an economic development tool to entice a potential plant expansion or usher in a new manufacturing or distribution operation.

A speculative shell building is a structure without a tenant or buyer.  It serves the purpose of attracting a new company, and offering the convenience of a quick build out to best suit the  tenants’ needs (ie: open offices, manufacturing, processing, or warehousing of a product line).

Having available space, a strong marketing effort, and an array of economic development incentives,  allows Stephens County to capitalize on important resources and maintain a competitive business and development edge.

Speculative Building Advantages

Speed of Delivery


Site Adaptability


These 425 acres provide a place for industries to establish a successful business.  They partner with Stephens County and the City of Toccoa to provide a flourishing business ready environment.  In the past 20 years there has been tremendous strides made in developing this business park, and the SCDA looks forward to continuing to create a thriving business park that brings value and business to our community.

Pad Ready Sites Available Now

The Georgia Ready for Accelerated Development (GRAD) Program is a proactive effort by Georgia’s economic development community to develop a portfolio of available sites ready for fast-track development.  Stephens County is a certified county and has GRAD Certified Pad Ready Sites available now in  Toccoa.

In addition to the sites in Stephens County there are 60 certified industrial sites across the state. A number of factors must be met to be considered for the program including environmental assessment, geotechnical investigation, cultural and endangered species investigation, wetlands and stream impact, availability of utilities and local zoning regulations. Each site is submitted for review by a third party and receives final approval of the board of advisors, which includes both public and private sector economic development professionals.

Several companies, including Nifco-KTW and Crown Resources have benefited from GRAD Certified sites in the Hayestone Brady Business Park. Administered by the Georgia Department of Economic Development, the program continues to grow, and offers the best available sites to prospective companies.

The GRAD Program is one of the reasons Georgia continues to attract successful companies. Thanks to our pro-business environment, this includes a talented workforce, world-class infrastructure, competitive tax structure, unparalleled access to the world market, a variety of energy options, and quality of life that can’t be beat.  The state has ranked number one in Site Selection Magazine’s annual survey of business climates for seven years in a row.