Molding Process Technician (Multiple Positions)

Based on Experience

Ends: November 21, 2022

Intro: Responsible for basic mold set up and molding process including independent set-up, start-up, and maintenance of tooling.

Decription of Position: Sole Responsibility / Assignments to be completed by the position: • Responsible for mold changes • Check all auxiliary equipment including but not limited to dryers, thermolators, chillers. • Assure that all equipment is working, and the filters are clean. • Responsible for the work order request for maintenance for the equipment. • Responsible for the startup and shut down of the presses. • Clean and maintain molds in area. • Submit work order when starting up a job. • Review the job requirements with personnel responsible for running the job. • Respond to all corrective actions as quickly as possible. • Keep all processes up to date. If changes are made to the process, record the reason for the change on the molding log. Record down hours, and codes • Adjust production parameters within the tolerance specifications as permitted and authorized • Report any safety issues or concerns to the molding manager and the maintenance manager • Understand the current quality guidelines of the company • Report any changes (production sequence, workplace design, changes to parameters, etc.) • Record or check the documentation according to the specifications • Check and verify correct mold change is completed accurately by mold setter • Review production releases and ensure accurate completion by due date • Support the implementation of the defined 5s standard • Adhere to all safety guidelines outlined by OSHA and Nifco KTW • Responsible for the safety of equipment as well as that of the operators • Assist in the training of new employees • Assist in troubleshooting and identifying defects, as well as the implementation of solutions. • Accurately complete appropriate paperwork and/or enter into computer • Continuous participation in improvement of processes and procedures • Inform and work with the team lead and quality department about quality discrepancies • Work with the team lead on borderline quality decisions • Communicate about quality problems, work that still needs to be completed and all required information with other shifts and departments • Independent recognition of flaw features as well as actively contributing to detecting defects. • Forwards suggestions for improvement to the shift supervisor and manager • Immediately informs the shift supervisor about detected quality issues and malfunctions within work area. • Conscientious handling of the provided tools • Comply with all regulations regarding workplace safety and accident prevention in everyday operations as well as informing the supervisor if deviations are detected during the shift. Other Main Duties: • Technicians must have completed Mold Set Up training, Mold Processing and Troubleshooting courses or have equivalent experience. • Knowledge of injection molding and operations. • Ability to work with all auxiliary equipment including dryers, thermolators, chillers, etc. • Technical “go-to” person for associates in the production area • Participate in the implementation of new production plans and technologies as well as validation of new molds • Behave in a positive manner that enhances the success of the company • Responsible for the cleanliness of the work area • Good verbal communication between the departments and shifts • Supports the shift supervisor to ensure all regulations regarding order and cleanliness are complied with throughout the company. • Contributes continuously to improve processes, procedures, operational figures, and informs the supervisor about suggestions for improvements. • Other duties as assigned by manager/supervisor

How to Apply: Send resume to

Contact Name: Crystal Arnold/Todd Tatum

Contact Phone: 706-963-1110